Fueling the neuro‑literacy revolution for positive social change

The NEXT System™

To empower the rapid, widespread use and eventual democratization of neuro-literacy, we are building the NEXT System™ – a global technology platform that makes products and services based on the science of neuro-literacy widely available and applicable.


Open innovation and publishing platform

The NEXT System™ provides both a neuro-literacy-based personal-performance-improvement and lifelong-learning platform for end-users and an open innovation-and-publishing platform for thought leaders, innovators, engineers, scientists, practitioners and content owners working to create evidence-based products and services that are more effective, available, and widely used.


Organic growth and innovation

The NEXT System™ employs the Internet community approach to organic growth and innovation – a common language, algorithms, and protocols that integrate behavior change techniques into a unified system. This approach is intended to bring together the fragmented community of people and organizations that provide current-generation personal improvement products and services – and many others who want to help "fuel the neuro-literacy revolution" for positive social change.

There are many examples of how innovation, engineering, and literacy have led to profound social change by making things easy to adopt – the printing press, automobile, microprocessor, personal computer, smartphone apps, Internet search, online social networking, and video conferencing, to name only a few.

There are also many examples of social change through sheer force of will, such as drunk driving, second-hand smoke, human rights, and the environment.

The NEXT System™ is a force multiplier that combines engineering effects with social needs and force of will

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The NEXT System™ Theory of Change

Business Case