Results showing improved performance, happiness and well‑being

Historically, it has been difficult to measure the success of products and services for many aspects of personal performance and well-being improvement, whether in a clinical or non-clinical setting


Changing the paradigm

We set out to change the way outcomes are measured by developing training and ongoing-use programs that measure the success of each person via thousands of neuro-literacy-based data collection points, providing unique insight into each person’s internal and external barriers and ways in which to best overcome them. Virtually every person that has undergone training has discovered insights about their brain and performance that they were not aware of by any other means.

Empowering adoption

This data is used both to support the continued success of each person employing neuro-literacy in their life and to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the NEXT System™.

Privacy and security

We take data security and privacy of NEXT System™ users seriously. User data is only used in the manner that has been consented by the individual user. Every user has the choice to share, not share, and delete their data. Aggregated user data is only shared in an anonymized form with team and community members to advance the science and best practices for the safe and productive application of neuro-literacy.

Beta testing complete

In beta tests of the NEXT System neuro-literacy training and ongoing-use programs with paying customers and beta testers, virtually every participant achieved a degree of basic neuro-literacy. More than 90% of participants achieved functional neuro-literacy and went on to apply their newfound abilities to overcome a wide range of challenges that they were unable to overcome by many other means. They were also able to improve their overall performance, happiness, and well-being.

We hope you are inspired by the personal stories of our users

User success stories

Mike Kirby

Former Canadian Senator, Order of Canada, founding Chair of the Mental Health Commission of Canada

Wayne and Karen Kinch

See how the NEXT Program For Couples and Families saved our marriage, our family and our happiness.


The NEXT program changed my life. There is no other way to say it. I made major life decisions I was too afraid to make, and it all led to amazing happiness all after NEXT. I can almost immediately re-center myself after being triggered and “stress” is no longer part of my life vocabulary. My sense of self and being is keeping with who I knew I was always meant to be, and it took NEXT to help me figure that out.


The entire affair has been life changing for me. Each new week leading up to the implementation stage with the educational material and my sessions with my guide have been immensely significant in my life. He has been an amazing, kind, thoughtful guide and truly has helped me through each weekly training session. I have not only found the tools useful in my daily and weekly happenings but now implementing the re-wiring practice is proving to also be a very valuable practice, of course with lots of practice to continue.


It is a powerful way to connect with what is most important and what is getting in the way. It breeds hope that anyone can evolve… we are not “stuck”. It is within our individual power to address brain patterns that get in our way.

There is a tremendous sense of freedom in experiencing this.


I know this is beyond a business venture for NEXT the team and I applaud all connected for sticking with it and developing a program that is beyond dollars and cents, and can best be characterized as following one’s heart towards the true fulfillment of helping people and making the world a better place – I believe that is what life is all about and I hope that more “wake up” to this realization sooner rather than later. As I said in my comments – the whole world needs The NEXT Program – just imagine….


My practice has grown. I feel much more clarity of thought. I have achieved a healthy body weight. I am exercising more regularly. I continue to feel more energetic and vibrant.

I am committed to continuing to improve my life and feel like I now have some valuable tools to help.


Upon completing the basic neuro-literacy course I truly enjoyed how it has evolved. I especially enjoyed that in managing the time, it took the time for me to gain insight into my own phone minutes and be a bit shocked into the amount of time being spent on my device. I enjoy the goal-oriented planning portion of things as the app is easy to follow and lines things out perfectly for me to be able to schedule steps towards my objectives.


The exercises and tools were great in helping to analyze myself, and understand why I do and say the things I do and say. I am consistently going to exercise. Better communication with my husband. understanding of my other daughters.
It helps me to control my anxiety and my anger.


[NEXT] allowed me to open a “Pandora’s box” that needed attention and was taking away from my daily level of happiness.

I’ve become much more focused and aware of my patterns – especially those which I had previously chosen to ignore.


My life has had some pretty big challenges. I am able to use the tools from NEXT to stay sane, stay filled up – so I can be present and productive to take care of these concerns for people I love.


The whole system was brilliant. The content was engaging, stimulating and thought provoking. The tools will continue to serve me well in the future.

I have no doubt that I broke free of some counterproductive habits that were keeping me stuck in life. Thank you to the whole NEXT team.


As Vice-president Academic and Research, Professor Denis Berthiaume was the "chief curriculum officer" responsible for the design and implementation of all UOF programs of studies from August 2020 until the arrival of students in September 2021. He holds a PhD from the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology at McGill University, over two decades of human performance training and development in a variety of personal performance modalities in several countries, and a lifetime of experience in the "school of hard knocks."

Denis is a profound example of the benefits a neuro-literate person can derive. Afflicted by motor neuron disease (Lou Gehrig's disease), he has required a wheelchair and mechanical ventilation support since his diagnosis in 2017. He is in the process of transitioning his responsibilities at UOF because his disability is becoming too difficult for the job of university vice-president. He will, however, remain at UOF as a professor and teach a core course on Plurilingual and Intercultural Development in the Fall 2021 semester.

Denis' experience of his NEXT neuro-literacy training contributed to his peace of mind and an overall sense of physical wellness – while suffering from a degenerative, incurable illness – by helping him change his intellectual, emotional, and physical reactions to his situation and experience.

His deep commitment to providing students with skills for the 21st century that are not taught in core curriculums challenged established ways of thinking about higher education and shaped UOF's offerings.


I have been working with NEXT for the last 1.5 years in the personal, interpersonal, and most recently enterprise context. I started the program based on the suggestion of one of my colleagues with bit of a skepticism about the course and the benefits I would achieve out of it. To my surprise, as the course progressed, I realized I was breaking so many promises on a daily basis both on my personal side and on professional commitments and it was unknowingly impacting my relationship at home and at work. I had so many barriers and fears which I had never realized earlier. The NEXT guide assigned to me was very knowledgeable and helped me overcomes my barriers. I was able to complete my assignments with great results at the end of the course.

I head an organization and I was seeing lot of similar problems/issues with my leadership team. They were often coming late on calls, not informing when they were unable to attend meetings, frequently delaying deliverables, some of them had some personal challenges which impacted their productivity etc. This was impacting the overall functioning of the organization as people felt let down by their colleagues, conflicts and blame games were frequent and this was impacting the growth of the organization. This is when I thought of making an investment in my team and enrolled them in the NEXT training with the objective to enhance work culture and make people realize their barriers and ways to overcome them effectively.

Most of them have successfully completed the course and I am seeing some positive results already. They have become more accountable, communication between teams and with clients is more precise and clear, conflict has reduced and overall it is helping the company is achieving financial goals. Customer satisfaction results has improved significantly which indicates customer service/issues etc. are being resolved in a timely and effective way.

Kudos to the NEXT team for giving employers a powerful new tool to enhance organizational efficiency and drive towards higher sales and profitability.


My husband had checked out of our marriage. It was 2010. He was uninterested and completely disengaged, just barely going through the motions. He didn't speak to me. He didn't smile. He was like a zombie. I felt like I had to walk on eggshells all of the time. I felt undesirable, helpless and confused. He was lazy and selfish. I was annoyed, angry and frustrated. The resentment between us was like a mountain and it was like we couldn't even see each other anymore. We had tried "marriage counselling" but that was a weekly 1-hour waste of time where we would play a mean game of he-said-she-said and nothing would ever get resolved. We were both so unhappy... but I still loved him and wanted to save my marriage.

I wanted to be able to tell my children that Mommy had tried everything... so I urged him to try The NEXT Program - as a last resort. I didn't quite understand what The NEXT Program was about or how it worked but I gave them blind faith - because I was desperate and didn't know what else to do. So many people spend a fortune on getting married - on the wedding. I was of the mindset that we needed to invest in our marriage to save it.

Our first few sessions with NEXT were definitely different than marriage counseling. We attended sessions separately!?! First I started to work on myself. With guidance, I was able to take a step away from myself to truly look at MY part in the breakdown of my marriage rather than simply pointing fingers at my husband and accusing him like it was all his fault. In fact, I was able to honestly take responsibility for my part which was actually a relief, because if I can take responsibility for something, then I have the power to DO something about it. And it also took some of the burden of it "all being my husband's fault" off of his shoulders. I remember an assignment where we had to come to the session with a list of resentments. It was almost laughable because we both came with stacks of paper! One by one, we broke down each and every one of those resentments until the negative feelings were literally dissolved.

Going into the NEXT Program, we barely knew what a “resentment” was. We both knew we felt bad and resentful, but we had no idea of where it actually came from. The same went for all our other emotions. NEXT uses a system to train you about how your brain works and how to work it better to improve your performance. For us that meant learning about where our negative emotions came from, during our relationship and before, and using tools in the NEXT System to rewire the negative stuff, wire in positivity, friendship, teamwork, love, commitment and productive parenting together, and then use the NEXT tools to stay positive and aligned on a day to day basis. The result was a deep sense of authentic love and happiness. Ultimately we learned to teach these methods in simple terms to our kids.

The NEXT Program is truly life changing. It saved our FAMILY. We appreciate and are thankful for each other. In fact, six years later, my husband still thanks me for "forcing" him to do The NEXT Program! I cannot imagine where our family would be or how things would be for our children had we chosen the path to end our marriage. My husband and I are so thankful. We are in a relationship where we sincerely honour, respect, love and appreciate one another that seems to keep getting better. What would you invest to be truly HAPPY? There is no price. We are forever grateful.

-K and W

33 Practitioners (Doctors, Psychologists, Executive/Life Coaches)

  • “The Next System directly addressed not only my most important goal, but helped me shift my experience along the way toward that goal.”
  • “I am able to use the tools from NEXT to stay sane, stay filled up - so I can be present and productive to take care of these concerns for people I love.”
  • “The ease with which I can shift brain patterns has been very powerful.”
  • “I am much more confident moving forwards that I handle some of life's more interesting challenges with grace, clarity and calm.”

21 Entrepreneurs

  • “I came into the program with extremely high expectations based on what I had heard from others... and my expectations were met, in many ways exceeded. Thank you!”
  • “It's shone a giant spotlight on areas of my life where I am in my own way.”
  • “I'm very grateful for having had the opportunity to use [the System] and I’m fascinated with where it's going to go from here. It's a remarkable thing what has been done here.”
  • “I just can't thank you all enough. What an amazing experience that I will use the rest of my life. I'm forever grateful.”

29 Managers

  • “I see this system as a key resource at your fingertips that can improve/change your life each and every day. It is a small price to pay for this gift and it works!”
  • “I am now fully aware of my brain patterns when they start firing and use the NEXT tools to break that pattern and replace with a productive pattern.”
  • “I think if everyone was knowledgeable and aware of their counterproductive brain patterns and made an effort to change them with NEXT, the world would be a much better place.”

20 Professionals (Accountants, Engineers, Lawyers)

  • “It was startling. It took a lot out of me and it felt like quite a commitment, but the results were great.
  • “I am very thankful for being given the opportunity to participate in this program. I think I am a better person for it.”
  • “It is helping me to cope with a lot of change occurring from a personal perspective, while simultaneously helping me to cope with significant career pressures.”